Frame Magazine, September 2021

10 September 2021

Key Features
‘Nature’s beauty does not require any artificial additives,’ say Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg, cofounders of Baranowitz + Kronenberg. Guided by this notion, the design duo and their team conceived the interior concept behind Antasia Beach Club. Their intention was to create a restaurant and beach club entirely appreciative of its landscape, an ancient archaeological site.

The space draws from surrounding topography while framing nearby cultural treasures. It has a balance between man-made and nature: white terrazzo decorates the floor, and the bar is speckled with blue, both references to the sea, with scaled embellishments evoking aquatic life covering the walls. Connecting the two levels is a spiral staircase that leads visitors to an extensive roof terrace looking onto Paphos Castle. 

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows form the majority of the restaurant’s external walls and give the interior an expansive feel; they make the most out of the site’s natural light and the sweeping views of the Mediterranean's crystal waters. Inside the beach club, stepped seating takes cues from ancient amphitheaters. Altogether it’s a multi-faceted experience that combines dining and beach life in a sleek design with a neutral colour palette to reflect the raw and ruinous environment. 

Frame’s Take
All architects seek inspiration when it comes to new projects, and for many, this means considering the project’s site, context and history. This holistic approach is exemplified by Baranowitz + Kronenberg’s careful composition of modern details that work to celebrate the locality. The exposed concrete ceiling is a great nod to the contemporary structure, the footprint of which is kept to a respectful minimum, embedded into the coastline to amplify the location from the inside out. Instead of turning the cultural heritage into a gimmick, the architects take visitors on a sensory expedition descending from the terrace to beach level.

LOCATION:  Poseidonos Ave 28, Paphos 8042, Cyprus
DESIGN:  Baranowitz + Kronenberg
CLIENT:  Antasia Beach Club
FURNITURE SUPPLY:  Armet, Pedrali, Scolaro Parasol
LIGHTING DESIGN:  Luce Ataliotis, Flos Lighting